How To Create an Amazon Business Account in 2023 (Quick and Easy!)

How To Create an Amazon Business Account 2022 2023

Setting up an Amazon business account can seem complicated and overwhelming, but it’s important to do it correctly to start selling products as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating an Amazon business account. We’ll explain what each step entails and provide helpful tips along the way.

What Is Amazon Business Prime and Why Should You Switch?

Amazon Business Prime is a premium membership program that’s tailored to businesses. Unlimited fast delivery and free shipping on purchases for everyone on your business account, and more business benefits.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Amazon Prime Business is designed for your business with business-relevant benefits.

Setting up an Amazon Prime Business account is a great way to empower your business and modernize your purchasing process.

With an Amazon Prime Business account, you’ll get access to exclusive deals and discounts, free two-day shipping, and more. Plus, you can use Amazon’s powerful search engine and customer reviews to help you find the best products for your business.

Whether you’re looking for office supplies, janitorial products, or anything in between, an Amazon Prime Business account can help you simplify your purchasing process and focus on your customers.

benefit of amazon business prime - how to create amazon business prime account

How To Create an Amazon Business Account 2022

If you want to share your Amazon public profile link with someone, you can find it by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Amazon Business Prime and click “Create A Business account”

Step 2: Enter your active email address

Step 3: Type in your full name and choose your password

Step 4: Verify your email address

Step 5: Enter information such as your full name, business name

Step 6: Add people to your business account

Amazon Business Account Benefits and How to Make One (Video)

You may be wondering, “Why do I need an Amazon Business account? What are the advantages?”

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of an Amazon Business account.

Follow the steps in the video and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all of the advantages that come with having a business account.

Amazon Business Prime Plans

Read the table below to learn more about the different types of Amazon Business Prime plans and how they can benefit your business.

Get access to deals and offers on products and services just for Business Prime members, from reputed third party partners such as GoDaddy, McAfee, Gusto, Next Insurance, Prudential and H&R Block Advisors.

Business Prime plansPricingBenefit
DUO$69/year (1 user)– Fast, FREE Business Delivery
– Convenient Business Shipping
– Free Survey and Analytics Tools
– 5% Back or 90 Day Terms
ESSENTIALS$179/year (up to 3 users)– All DUO Benefits
– Spend Visibility (3 readers)
Amazon WorkDocs (1 managed user + 250 GB)
– Guided Buying (Prefer + Restrict)
SMALL$499/year (up to 10 users)– All DUO Benefits
– Spend Visibility (1 author + 10 readers)
– Amazon WorkDocs (3 managed users plus 750 GB storage)
– Guided Buying (Prefer + Restrict)
– Extended terms for Pay By Invoice (Flat 45 days)
MEDIUM$1,299/year (up to 100 users)– All DUO Benefits
– Spend Visibility (1 author and 100 readers)
– Amazon WorkDocs (5 managed users plus 1.25 TB storage)
– Guided Buying (Prefer + Restrict)
– Extended terms for Pay By Invoice (Flat 45 days)
ENTERPRISE$10,099/year (over 10 users)– All DUO Benefits
– Spend Visibility (2 author and 100 readers)
– Amazon WorkDocs (10 managed users plus 2.5 TB storage)
– Guided Buying (Prefer + Restrict + Block)
– Extended terms for Pay By Invoice (Flat 60 days)
– Optimal Deployment

Amazon Business Programs and Features

Here are 10 programs and features that come with an Amazon Business account.

These features can help you save time and money while streamlining your business processes.

Designed for Business

Business Prime is designed for business and helps you take control of your organization’s spending.

With advanced analytics, dashboards that give insight into where exactly all the money goes to stay accountable for every purchase made by employees or managers.

The purchasing policies ensure only approved items get delivered automatically upon request – it has everything any small-to-medium-sized company needs!

Note: Business Prime does not include Prime Video or Prime Music.

Amazon PunchOut

Amazon Business makes it easy to add their catalog to your purchasing system so your employees can order the supplies they need. All you have to do is punch out to the Amazon Business site from your purchasing system.

Once you’re logged in, you can browse the catalog and add items to your system. Amazon Business offers a wide variety of supplies, including office furniture, janitorial supplies, and technology products.

With Amazon Business, you can be sure you’re getting the best prices on high-quality products. Punching out to Amazon Business is a great way to save time and money on your business’s supply needs.

Follow the guide here to set up Amazon Business PunchOut.

Amazon Business Lists

Amazon Business Lists is a feature that streamlines your shopping experience. You can bookmark products, order frequently, or highlight items you would like others in the company to buy for themselves while on Amazon’s website!

Additionally, it has features like adding product information such as keywords and International Standard Book Number (ISBN), Amazon product number (ASIN) which will help us find what we’re looking for more easily than ever before – all from one place without having to leave our screen at any time during browsing sessions.

Learn more about this feature and how to make the most of it here.

Pay by Invoice

As a business owner, do you find yourself stuck in the cycle of placing orders and then waiting for them to be paid?

Pay by Invoice can help! This new payment option allows eligible Amazon Business customers an extended due date that’s tailored just for your company.

What does this mean? You’ll get more control over when payments are made so it doesn’t interrupt production or shipment schedules – not only will cash flow improve but so will supplier relations!

To learn more about this payment option and see if you’re eligible, click here.

Business pricing and quantity discounts

Amazon Business offers a special pricing discount for businesses that are looking to purchase certain items. These deals change from time to time, so make sure you check the current list before making your purchase!

Customers with Amazon Business accounts have access to special discounts on larger quantities of certain items. These deals are only available at specific times, so keep an eye out!

Consolidated shipping

Amazon is an incredible resource for businesses of all sizes. With its Consolidated Shipping Group program, you can get your items shipped together and save money on shipping costs!

Qualification requires that five or more different products be purchased from Amazon within a certain amount period. The order also needs to meet either volume requirements: 10 cubic feet total weight OR 100 pounds.

Note: Consolidated Prime orders arrive in 3-5 days, rather than Prime 2-day shipping.

Learn more about this program here.

Recurring deliveries

The Subscribe and Save program is a great way to get your favorite items delivered automatically. You can enjoy competitive pricing and free standard shipping on all orders that are part of this service!

There’s no commitment or obligation so you have nothing holding you back from trying out these Recurring Delivery for your business.

To learn more about this program and sign up, click here.

Amazon Business Analytics

The use of Business Analytics can help you to track orders and create reports that meet your specific requirements. Administrators, Finance users benefit from the data about their businesses’ transactions through this feature!

From the drop-down menu, you may select one of the available reports.

  • Reconciliation
  • Orders
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Shipments
  • Savings
  • Credentials

The amazon Business Analytics reports are in a CSV format, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel. Once an administrator or finance user has created their report they can also download and view it by downloading the file from our website onto your computer of choice!

Find out how to create your report here.

Amazon Business Line of Credit

With the new Amazon Business line of credit, you can now give multiple buyers on a single account. Download your order history reports and pay by purchase order!

You’ll also be able to view easy-to-understand statements that update every month with how much debtors owe you as well as when they’re expected paid back in full

The information provided is clear about what kind of options are available for managing users or viewing the report.

You can extend your credit line on the Amazon Business Line of Credit by visiting Online Credit Center.

Amazon Work Docs for Business Prime

With Amazon WorkDocs for Business Prime, you can store and organize all of your company’s important documents in one place.

This service is only available to those who have an active subscription with the benefits of being backed by cloud technology so there are no worries about data loss or security leaks!

Amazon WorkDocs for Business Prime accounts has three types of users: admins, managed users, and guest users.

  1. Admins have all the permissions of managed users and can assign or change roles of other members of the account.
  2. Managed users can create, edit, and delete documents, as well as invite other members to join the account.
  3. Guest users can view documents that they have permission to view, but cannot make any changes (read-only access).

Learn more about Amazon Work Docs for Business Prime program here.

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Final Words

Creating an Amazon Business account is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes.

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a business account.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

People Also Ask

Is it worth having an Amazon Business Prime account?

Yes, An Amazon Business Prime account has perks like exclusive pricing, business-only products, and free two-day shipping. Plus, there are no commitments or obligations so you can cancel at any time.

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