Walmart Key Event Dates 2023: A Full Guide

Walmart’s key event dates are important for all associates to be aware of. These dates indicate busy periods with increased customer traffic, potential bonus pay opportunities, and days with stricter attendance policies.

Being informed of Walmart’s 2023 key event calendar can help associates plan ahead, take advantage of extra work hours, and avoid surprise attendance points. This guide covers the major company-wide and store-specific key dates for Walmart in 2023.

Walmart Key Event Dates 2023 2024

Company-Wide Key Dates

Certain busy periods affect all Walmart stores nationwide. Mark your personal calendars for these major retail events and holiday sale days.

Mother’s Day Weekend Sale – May 13

The Mother’s Day holiday weekend is a huge event for Walmart. Stores often see high customer traffic as people shop for mom. Expect increased staffing needs and potential overtime pay during this sale weekend. The floral department will be extremely busy filling flower orders.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale – May 26-28

The unofficial start of summer brings major sales at Walmart. Stock up on discounted summer essentials like patio furniture, grills, pool supplies, and seasonal clothing. Expect heavy customer volumes all weekend long. Scheduling may be tightened to minimize payroll costs, so volunteer for extra shifts if you want more hours.

Father’s Day/Juneteenth Weekend Sale – June 17

With Father’s Day and Juneteenth falling on the same weekend, this will be an important sales period. Shoppers tend to purchase grills, tools, electronics, and clothing gifts for dad. There are also major discounts on outdoor living items. The overlap with Juneteenth provides a chance to highlight Black-owned brands.

4th of July Weekend Sale – July 1-3

Walmart pulls out all the stops for the 4th of July holiday. This is a huge weekend for summer clearance sales. Customers stock up on party supplies, food, decorations, and apparel. Expect high store traffic and long checkout lines. Additional cashiers are scheduled to improve front-end efficiency.

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Quarterly Earnings Releases

Walmart publicly announces financial results each quarter. These dates provide insight into the company’s performance.

Q1 Earnings Release – May 18

The Q1 report covers February through April, providing details on the first part of the fiscal year. Sales and profits are analyzed to judge Walmart’s financial health. This data guides strategic decisions for the rest of the year.

Q2 Earnings Release – August 17

Encompassing May through July, the Q2 report highlights summer sales. Back-to-school shopping and clearance events are factored into the results. Walmart assesses inventory levels and develops plans for the holiday season.

Q3 Earnings Release – November 16

The Q3 report includes August through October, covering the critical back-to-school and Halloween periods. This data shows customer response to holiday merchandise assortments. Inventory is adjusted based on sales trends.

Other Major Events

Beyond the big holiday weekends, Walmart has several special retail events. These drive customer traffic for seasonal sales periods.

Shareholders Meeting – June 2

Walmart executives outline business initiatives and financial goals at the annual shareholders meeting. This event does not directly impact store operations but provides strategic direction.

Back to School Sale – July/August

The busy back-to-school shopping season brings major sales on school supplies, backpacks, electronics, clothing, and dorm furnishings. Expect a sharp increase in store traffic from deal-seeking parents and students.

Labor Day Sale – September 4

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer with clearance sales on seasonal merchandise. Shoppers take advantage of low prices on summer apparel, patio furniture, grills, and pool supplies.

Halloween Sale – October 31

Halloween brings a spike in traffic for costume accessories, candy, and indoor/outdoor decorations. Ensure proper staffing for trick-or-treaters visiting the store. Merchandise resets quickly transition from Halloween to Christmas.

Black Friday Sale – November 24

The day after Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday shopping season with Walmart’s biggest sale of the year. All hands are needed on deck to handle the extreme customer volumes. This intense work day requires advance preparation.

Cyber Monday Sale – November 27

The Monday after Thanksgiving continues the Black Friday sales frenzy online. In-store traffic remains heavy as customers browse clearance deals. Expect a high volume of online grocery orders as people shop cyber deals from home.

Christmas Sale – December 25

Christmas is an important sales day for any last-minute gift purchases. Consumers often redeem gift cards and make returns/exchanges the day after Christmas. Ensure proper staffing for customer service and site-to-store pickup.

Store-Specific Dates

While company-wide dates apply to all stores, individual locations can select three additional key dates each quarter based on their specific needs and events.

Checking the GTA Portal

The key event calendar on the GTA portal contains store-specific dates chosen by management. Printed calendars posted in-store may not include these extra dates. Always check the GTA portal to see the full list of key dates for your location.

Rationale for Store Selections

Managers select dates based on their store’s unique needs and local events. For example, a store may choose dates for a city festival, sporting event, or community celebration that drives high traffic. These selections help prepare for peak customer volumes.

Impact on Attendance Policy

Missing an entire scheduled shift on a key event date results in one additional attendance point if no PPTO is used. However, working even part of a key date shift prevents the extra point. So clock in for as little as an hour to avoid the attendance penalty.

Attendance Policy Details

Understanding how key dates affect attendance policies can help associates manage their points.

PPTO Usage

PPTO can be used normally on key event dates to cover missed time and avoid attendance points. Just be sure to use enough PPTO to cover the entire missed shift.

Partial Shift Attendance

Working even part of a key date shift prevents the additional point. Clock in for as little as an hour if you need to miss most of a key date shift.

Reliable Attendance Expectations

Managers expect reliable attendance from associates on key dates. However, emergencies happen. Communicate schedule conflicts promptly and use PPTO responsibly.

By being informed of Walmart’s 2023 key event calendar, associates can plan ahead for busy sales periods. Mark your personal calendars for company-wide dates and check the GTA portal for store-specific events. Know how key dates impact attendance policies. And take advantage of extra hours to boost your paycheck during these busy times!

How Walmart’s Key Event Dates Impact Financial Performance

Key Metrics Impacted by Event Dates

Walmart’s critical financial metrics are directly influenced by the company’s calendar of retail events and earnings timing.


Holiday weekend promotions drive incremental foot traffic to boost quarterly sales. Walmart pursues top-line growth by leveraging seasonal sales events.

Comp Sales

Major holiday weekends increase comparable store sales as customers stock up on discounted items. Comps measure sales growth in existing locations.

Gross Margin

Holiday markdowns on general merchandise improve gross margin mix versus everyday grocery sales. Margin expands when seasonal events drive high-margin category sales.


Earnings per share expand when holiday weekends and positive earnings releases accelerate sales, traffic, and profitability for Walmart.

Operating Income

Strong quarterly performances allow Walmart to leverage operating expenses, expanding operating income. Sales seasonality around key dates contributes.

Stock Price

Share prices typically rise following earnings releases that exceed expectations. Guidance increases also signal financial health.

Key Takeaways

Walmart’s calendar contains important retail events and earnings milestones that provide financial advantages. But overdependence on these key dates also creates risks.

When leveraged strategically as part of a diversified plan, Walmart’s key financial event dates can maximize sales seasonality, market perception, and strategic agility to drive performance. But these dates should supplement broader growth initiatives.

Walmart can benefit from key financial event dates while mitigating risks by:

  • Optimizing holiday events without narrowing focus
  • Managing expectations around quarterly releases
  • Maintaining strategic flexibility beyond key dates
  • Balancing seasonal sales spikes with steadier initiatives


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