UPS Follow My Delivery: Why its no longer available?

UPS Follow My Delivery - Why its no longer available

Why Follow My Delivery live map is no longer available?

If you head to this link, the UPS Follow My Delivery page now has a message that states:

Your Follow My Delivery live map is no longer available… For the latest information regarding your package, please visit the UPS Tracking page.

Why Follow My Delivery live map is no longer available

UPS has not explained the discontinuation of the Your Follow My Delivery live map. However, customers can still track their UPS package delivery by using the UPS tracking number on the UPS website.

The Reason Why the Live Map is Discontinued

We don’t know the exact reasons, but here are some possibilities:

First, the live map only showed the location of UPS trucks, not individual packages. This meant that customers could see where their package was, but not when it would be delivered.

Second, the service may have been too expensive to maintain. The live map required UPS to use GPS tracking devices on all of its trucks, which likely increased the cost of operating the company’s delivery fleet.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that UPS is no longer interested in providing customers with a live map of its delivery trucks. But customers can still track their UPS packages by using the UPS tracking number on the UPS website.

Another Reason:

We discovered a comment on reddit from a UPS driver:

Honestly, that feature was terrible for the drivers. I had customers finding me on my brakes, driving into industrial parks, blocking me in on docks, walking into docks and businesses, being coming safety hazards, just so they can get their Nikes. I’ve had people threaten to hurt or kill me just because I told them, “sorry I can’t get to your package right now” or “I have to deliver all my air first” or “Sorry my truck is too packed” or “I just don’t have it” it was just not worth it

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Why do some customers still need the Live Map?

The discontinuation of the Follow My Delivery live map has caused some inconvenience for UPS customers. Some customers rely on the live map to track their packages and plan their day around the delivery.

There are several reasons why UPS customers may need the Follow My Delivery live map:

First, Some addresses have locations that are difficult for the UPS driver to find. The Follow My Delivery live map allowed customers to see when the UPS truck was in their vicinity so they could go meet the driver.

Now, customers will have to wait until the package is delivered and then try to figure out where the UPS truck went.

Second, For an extremely important delivery, some customers like to track their package on the Follow My Delivery live map so they can be there when it arrives.

This is to avoid having their package stolen off of their porch or front doorstep.

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What is Follow My Delivery by UPS?

The Follow My Delivery feature was created to give UPS customers the ability to track their packages in real-time on a map. The service was popular, but it had its limitations.

We all know the feeling of eagerly checking the tracking information for a package we’re expecting, only to see that the delivery driver is still miles away.

It can be frustrating, but it’s important to keep in mind that the driver’s location is only approximate. In many cases, the driver may appear to be closer to your address than they are.

This is because UPS tracking only updates every few minutes, and the driver’s position may have changed in that time. Additionally, proximity to your address does not necessarily mean that the package will be delivered within any particular amount of time.

The delivery timeframe is an estimate, and many factors can affect how long it will take for the package to arrive.

Can I Track My Truck? Stalk My UPS Driver? Track UPS on a Map

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Final Words

UPS has discontinued its Follow My Delivery live map feature, but customers can still track their UPS package delivery by using the UPS tracking number on the UPS website.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re always happy to help! Thanks for reading!


  1. Very informative! I really needed this map, because I’ve spent the last three days, waiting on a delivery that keeps changing. Very frustrating. Since we have a problem with porch pirates, I have to monitor my deliveries and mail deliveries very tightly. And with heavy packages (I’m 71) I need to know the truck is near me so I can let them know to put it in the garage/driveway, so it’s easier for me to secure from thieves.

  2. I was using it just a few minutes ago. Went to go check on it again and it said it was unavailable. Weird.

  3. I would suggest that it could be a safety issue as well, putting drivers at more risk of being robbed.

  4. I didn’t even know this was a thing but I saw it in the app when I went to see if there was an ETA. It showed me the truck location but when I closed out & went back in, it gave me the unavailable message. I don’t think they actually discontinued it, it seems to just have problems.

  5. Problem is every time you get a message with the estimated delivery time tomorrow, the day of delivery the next message always it 3-5 hours later than the first day. They just cant figure it out. The cost of GPS is BS as its built right into their scanning device.

  6. I get live animal deliveries several times a month via next day delivery. Not being able to track has now changed my delivery times from morning to mid and late afternoon. It’s been over 100 degrees for several days and my live animals are in a truck dieing. Live animals should be a priority morning delivery. Not being able to track the truck means lack of concern for our packages.
    Service fees keep rising and Service provided keeps declining.

  7. Humm,, I was originally searching the web to try and find out why the “follow my delivery” is sometimes available and sometimes not. I believe this article indirectly answers that question by suggesting that some UPS trucks incorporate GPS and some don’t. As to the headline of UPS discontinuing the service, as of today, Aug 12, 2022 the follow my delivery is active for my package.

  8. UPS as well as USPS, Amazon, DHL and other delivery providers all have GPS locators built into their scanning devices. They track every driver’s location, speed, length of stops, etc. for driver’s evaluations everyday. Discontinuing this service was not a matter of costs, but a matter of convenience for the driver. It is a hassle when some people demand you stop what your doing to service them, there and then. Even when I may not be able to get to thier desired items. I get that several times a week.

  9. I used the Follow My Delivery live map to intercept a package that I needed as quickly as possible, both times the driver thanked me for saving them the time to drive to my residence.

  10. Why can’t they at least have a smaller delivery window? I understand why they wouldn’t want people to know exactly where they are but having a whole day delivery window isn’t great for the customer. I have waited all day for packages I needed to sign for

  11. The drivers comment made a lot of sense. It’s to bad a few people have to ruin a good thing. UPS drivers do a great job. Thank you to everyone at UPS. Keep up the good work

  12. If its no longer an option then WTF am i getting texts from ups with a link to follow my package via map?!!! Fix you **** UPS

  13. UPS Live Track was at times ridiculous. For example, it would show then truck as being on the end of our street, which meant that it should be coming down our street, but then it would show it three streets away, then back at the end of our street again, etc. A couple of times it showed the UPS truck as being located, not on the main street, but on top of the Woolworth Building, which was interesting.

  14. You helped me a lot with this post. I love the subject and I hope you continue to write excellent articles like this.

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