The 4 Types of Cheap, Reliable Car Shipping to Consider

There are various means available for transporting a car, with trucking being one of the more commonly utilized methods. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when making this decision.

Reliable Car Shipping to Consider

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is the most commonly chosen method. This involves loading your car onto an open trailer shared by multiple cars for quicker pickups/drop offs than enclosed shipping – however it leaves your car vulnerable to rain, dust and road debris during transit – an issue for owners of high-end or classic cars.

Open transport can also be less costly than enclosed transportation, providing a quick quote online to find out how much it will cost to send your vehicle using this method. Prices may fluctuate based on factors like season and your vehicle’s individual needs – for instance if sending an older vintage car that’s no longer drivable will require more labor and equipment for loading onto and off of a trailer, which drives up its price point.

Before making your decision, it is wise to compare quotes from multiple auto transport companies. This will give an accurate picture of the market and ensure you receive competitive rates; an auto transport broker may even be able to secure better rates given their connections with various firms across the nation.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport offers car owners who value protecting their vehicle from road debris and weather the option of enclosed transport trailers with side and roof covers for sending their car safely from road debris. However, enclosed shipping typically costs more than its open equivalent options.

When selecting an enclosed auto transport company, it is crucial that they offer competitive prices. Many offer quote systems which enable customers to compare quotes from multiple providers so as to find the most cost-effective deal. It is also advisable to investigate reviews and reputation of potential providers before making your choice.

Drivers looking to reduce costs should consider the mileage of their car as this can drastically lower a bill. Remember that driving it yourself may be significantly less expensive than shipping it across the country: modern vehicles offer up to 30 miles per gallon which equates to driving 500 miles on one tank of gas – saving on food and lodging expenses while eliminating the hassle of shipping it yourself.

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Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Terminal-to-terminal may offer the lowest cost way of moving your car cross-country (source: With this method, your car must first be brought to a designated auto terminal before waiting until its collection by its carrier at its final destination terminal – saving the carrier money by cutting down on their number of trips. Unfortunately, though this saves time and money overall for them as it requires you to coordinate meeting times that suit both parties but may make life less convenient overall.

Terminal-to-terminal poses another potential risk in that your car will remain unattended at terminals, opening it up to theft and environmental harm. If your home is located far from a transport terminal, this could become especially troublesome. You can mitigate this risk by removing personal items from the vehicle before locking it up; or alternatively consider shipping during slower months of the year.

Finally, terminals where your vehicle is shipped often charge storage fees. While these costs tend to be significantly less than paying to store it privately in a facility like Space save or Lockwood Storage facilities, they can still add up quickly if your car must remain there for extended periods.

These companies provide various terminal-to-terminal options, some more cost effective than others; it all depends on how flexible and willing you are to be for transportation needs. With enough research, you should find one suitable to your requirements.

Door-to-Door Delivery

How much it costs to ship a car depends on its options and chosen shipping method. Door-to-door delivery via the best cheap auto transport companies tends to be more costly than terminal-to-terminal, but may be worthwhile for certain customers. Costs vary based on pickup and drop off locations – picking up or dropping off in urban areas along popular shipping routes can result in lower shipping fees than in rural or off the main roadway areas.

When shipping your car, it is essential to clear out personal belongings and fill only one-quarter of its gas tank with gas. This will reduce weight and bring down shipping rates; also be sure that any loose parts are secured properly prior to sending. Demand increases during summer while it dips during winter affecting the price of transporting.

Make yourself flexible with your schedule to save money when shipping a car and you may get better rates from brokers and carriers who will otherwise charge a premium to meet that date. By being flexible, however, they should be able to squeeze your shipment in their existing schedules more cost effectively.

Shiply can help you to quickly find the most cost-effective quotes tailored specifically to your individual needs. Simply complete a short form with details about your car, shipping needs and desired quotes before comparing costs from various auto transport providers – quickly identify which offer offers the best value deal while messaging each provider individually if any queries arise.

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