Who is Ghostface? (Get the Answer Here)

Who is Ghostface

The first time we saw Scream, the masked killer was new and terrifying. But as sequels piled up, it started to get confusing. 

I thought about this for a while and decided there are three possibilities of who could be behind the mask. Let’s explore them one by one…

1. Sidney’s imagination

Sidney has PTSD after narrowly surviving a serial killer who murdered her mother, then was shot by her father right in front of her. 

She imagines the Ghostface killer to be someone else every single time. Sometimes she sees Billy, sometimes it’s Derek, once it was Cotton Weary… you get the idea.

The first time can be explained by her having seen Billy with the mask, then it became an easy way to explain that she was safe when she recognized someone who couldn’t possibly be there (because he’s dead). Truth is, though…

Sidney Prescott has seen Ghostface kill every single person. Remember how Stu said he was glad Billy wasn’t here? Sidney knew that, but didn’t say anything because Stu was covered with blood. She had to know it was him, but she’s too traumatized to admit it.

This also explains why there are some strange ‘glitches’ in the movies… like how they film Stab 7 from a different perspective than the other movies. Sidney is imagining what’s going on, not actually recording it.

2. Cotton Weary

Remember how we thought it was weird that there were two people in the rowboat? Well, turns out one of them was Cotton Weary, trying to save Sidney.

When he’s arrested for the murder of Jennifer Jolie, he’s taken to jail. This is where Ghostface figures out who the killer is and leaves him a message saying he’ll kill his wife if Cotton doesn’t confess to killing Sidney’s mother.

Cotton decides that being jailed for a crime he didn’t commit is better than letting Jennifer die… so he goes along with it and gets killed anyway.

3. Sidney’s father

Remember how we thought it was weird that Sidney and her dad were the only people home? Turns out, that was because Ghostface had already killed her mother and brother.

The reason Sidney’s dad is so intent on catching the killer is that he knows it’s him. He killed his wife and son because he didn’t approve of them.

Sidney was supposed to be at the house that night, but Billy had called her and convinced her to stay with him so she didn’t die as well.

I know this is a really bizarre theory, but it would explain why Sidney isn’t traumatized nearly as much by what happened… she wasn’t home to see it.

After all, her dad knows that Ghostface is his doing. That’s why he’s hellbent on catching him/her in the last movie. He doesn’t want Sidney to find out what he did.

Now I know this isn’t actually true because when they catch Ghostface (in the first movie), the killer is wearing a mask that looks exactly like Stu’s. BUT… it does beg the question of why Stu was covered in blood that night.

What do you think? Is there someone else behind the mask, or are these three people the only possibilities? Let me know in the comments!

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Who is Ghostface FAQ

We know you want to know more about this mysterious character, so we have researched everything there is to know about Ghostface!

Is Ghostface a human?

There is no confirmed answer as to whether or not Ghostface is a human. Some people believe that he is, while others believe that he could be something else entirely.

Some theories suggest that Ghostface is actually a demon, while others suggest that he is a supernatural being. However, there is no concrete evidence to support any of these claims.

How did Ghostface become Ghostface?

A popular theory claims that Ghostface is the ghost of Billy Loomis. However, there are reasons to believe otherwise.

Loomis was shot by Sidney’s father, and killed by Stu Macher. But Ghostface’s first kill was Jennifer Jolie, who died in revenge for killing Sidney’s mother.

Furthermore, who killed Sidney’s mother? It was Stu Macher. If Billy Loomis were Ghostface then he would have already been dead.

We can find an answer if we talk to Stu Macher, but the only person who knows what he did is Sidney Prescott.

Is Scream Based on a true story?

There is no evidence to support the claim that Scream is based on a true story.

However, there are some similarities between the movie and real-life events.

For example, the movie was released in 1996, just a year after the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer.

Some people have suggested that the movie was based on her death, although there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

How did Sidney end up in Woodsboro?

Many people believe that Sidney Prescott is the daughter of Demon. However, this theory doesn’t seem very likely.

The character of Demon was introduced when Sidney was already 18 years old, which means she would have been born in 1982 at the earliest.

But when we look at when Stab 3 begins, Sidney is 17 years old, meaning she was born in 1989.

This means that Sidney would have been only two years old when her mother died. If she had been Demon’s daughter then there are many things that don’t add up.

For example, why did no one know about them? How could they not have met until both of them were adults? Also, why did her mother tell everyone she was dead if she wasn’t?

Furthermore, both of them seem to have different tastes and styles. For example, the real Jennifer Hills would never dye her hair blonde or wear revealing clothing as Sidney does.

Is Ghostface a male or female?

Although people often assume that Ghostface is a male, there are reasons to believe that he could be female.

One of the most common arguments for this theory is that Billy Loomis said in the first Scream movie, “It doesn’t matter what you do; if she can’t keep her mouth shut then it’s gonna get her killed just like Cotton.”

This line of dialogue is often believed to be referring to Sidney Prescott, the only person who has spoken to Ghostface on the phone.

However, that doesn’t make sense because she didn’t speak on TV. It also doesn’t make sense if Billy was talking about himself because he “spoke” with Ghostface on television.

This means that the only person who it could be referring to is Sidney’s mother. But she can’t keep her mouth shut because she’s dead.

This means that the line of dialogue is actually a clue that Ghostface is female.
There are many theories surrounding the character of Ghostface, but there is no definitive answer as to who he or she is.

Did Ghostface exist before The Scream?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people may have different interpretations of what constitutes “existence”.

However, there is evidence that suggests Ghostface may have existed before The Scream.

The painting “Eight Elvises” (1963) by American Pop artist Andy Warhol depicts Elvis Presley. What if one was to remove the figure of Elvis from the painting? There would still be eight figures in the painting; they just wouldn’t be people.

This could be interpreted as an early example of the Ghostface phenomenon.
When Ghostface first appeared in The Scream, he was depicted as a faceless, hooded figure.

This may have been inspired by Warhol’s painting. It is unknown whether or not Scream director Wes Craven was aware of Warhol’s painting when he created Ghostface. However, the similarities between the two are striking.

Some believe that Ghostface was originally meant to be a generic killer, rather than a specific character. This could explain why he is depicted as faceless and hooded in The Scream.

It is also possible that Craven was inspired by the popular urban legend of the “phantom black-clad men” who would terrorize people on dark streets.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Ghostface had been around for some time before The Scream was released.

He may not have had a name or a face, but he was certainly there.

Who was Ghostface’s first victim?

Casey Becker was the first victim of Ghostface in the movie Scream. She was killed by Ghostface in her own home after answering the phone and being terrorized by the killer.

Ghostface then stabbed her multiple times. Casey’s death set the tone for the rest of the movie as characters began to be killed off one by one.

Her death is also remembered for some of the most famous lines in the movie, such as “What’s your favorite scary movie?” and “Do you like scary movies?” These lines are often quoted by fans of the movie.

Despite her death in the movie, Casey Becker does not actually die in the Scream comics. In the comics, she is instead brutally attacked by Ghostface but survives. She then goes on to help Sidney Prescott track down the killer.

This makes her one of the few characters to survive in both the movie and comic versions of Scream.

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