[Viral] What Does Can I Get a Hoya Mean on Tiktok/Vine [Update 2022]

[Viral] What Does Can I Get a Hoya Mean on TiktokVine

What does can I get a hoya mean?

Can I get a hoya?” A hoya is a call-and-response meme in which someone asks you to say “hoya” back to them as enthusiastically as possible.

In other words, it’s a call-and-response meme in which someone requests that you “hoya” for them (Make the noise that is similar to this.), and you return.

The Origin of Can I Get A Hoya

The Vine challenge is back, and it’s gaining popularity once again. You may have been bombarded with the request, “can I get a hoya,” to no end in 2015. The absurd call-and-response fad has now invaded TikTok.

In 2015, a Viner uploaded a video in which one youngster yelled, “Can I get a hoyeah?”. The next moment, someone else leaped down the stairs and hollered on a mattress., “hoya!” The youngster jumped to his feet and yelled, “Yeahhh!”

Original Vine

There’s also a similar occurrence from the 1990s when professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin yelled at the audience, “give me a hell yeah?” This could have been the origin of “can I get a hoya?” before it was even a phrase.

So, What does hoya mean?

The term “hoya” is thought to be a combination of the exclamatory phrases “hell yeah” and “hooyah.”

Why it’s become so popular?

The original video went viral, and it sparked a call-and-response internet challenge in which individuals shout the phrase out loud and see if they can elicit a response. TikTokers started using the meme as early as 2019, with a resurgence in mid-2021.

Can I get a hoya?” become so much popular shortly after. People started to post videos of themselves using this viral phrase in public areas.

This phrase gained traction on TikTok, with several young users uploading their own rendition of it. The results are… well, the results are bizarre, to say the least. Here’s one clip that recreates the original Vine:

People would occasionally respond, “hoya,” But most of the time, no one understood what they were saying.

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Can I get a hoya Meme

It’s become far more widespread on video-sharing sites of all kinds. Several platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have created their own versions of the meme.

Every edition is intended to be amusing in a unique way from the prior. It’s for this reason that the meme has remained as popular as it has lately.

Viral can I get a hoya tiktok videos

The Vine is no longer accessible due to the shutdown of Vine, but the phrase “Can I get a hoya” remains popular on TikTok among teens.

Users are shouting it at each other in some videos even in inappropriate scenarios, while some have put it over music videos or TV shows to hilarious effect.

There are several variations of the viral question “can I get a hoya?” on TikTok and throughout the internet. Each one has a distinct pronunciation or enthusiasm when pronouncing the word “hoya.”

Most of the enjoyment from the videos comes from asking people who you wouldn’t expect to say “hoya.” This may include people in random jobs, such as CEOs and police officers.

Can I get a hoya FAQ

Final Words

In conclusion, “Can I get a hoya?” is a call-and-response meme in which someone requests that you “hoya” for them.

Nevertheless, don’t let me catch you screaming “can I get a hoya?” at a body in the morgue. That’s just freaky.

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