An influential aspect of Athenian government on modern democracies is?

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Question: An influential aspect of Athenian government on modern democracies is?

Answer: An influential aspect of Athenian government in modern democracies is the use of juries to decide trials.


One of the most influential aspects of Athenian government in modern democracies is the use of juries to decide trials. This practice has been widely adopted in countries around the world and has helped to ensure that justice is fairly administered in criminal and civil cases.

Juries are made up of a group of citizens who listen to the evidence presented in a trial and then make a decision about the outcome. This system has been found to be more fair and democratic than other methods of trial, such as those that rely on judges alone.

JC Adams, an expert on criminal evidence and procedure, has noted that juries are not perfect, however. They can be biased based on the makeup of the jury panel, which may include jurors who have prior knowledge of the case or parties involved. The behavior of a jury during trial can also lead to unfair verdicts being returned.

For example, if the jury has strong feelings about the case before them, they may make decisions based on these personal convictions. This can lead to prejudice in verdicts.

Jurors will also be influenced by their assumptions of guilt or innocence of the defendant. They may look at background information about the defendant or victim, and use this information to work out who is likely to be telling the truth.

For example, in cases where a victim or defendant was involved in any similar type of case previously, juries are likely to lean towards guilty verdicts for defendants and guilty pleas from victims. Evidence may also influence jurors’ decisions, such as evidence showing that someone was present at the scene of a crime.

Jurors should be aware that they may be influenced by such prejudicial information and ensure that they ignore it when making decisions in a trial. They should approach each case without any prior knowledge or suspicions about whether the defendant is guilty or innocent, and only make their decision based on the evidence presented in court.

Juries are an integral part of the legal system in many countries. They have played a historic role in ensuring that justice is done, and will continue to do so long into the future.

What type of system did the Athenians have?

The Athenians had a mixed system which meant that they combined aspects of both direct and representative democracy.

They were considered a direct or pure democracy because all individuals in society participated equally in political decision-making; every citizen had the right to speak and vote on political issues at their discretion.

They were a representative democracy because they would vote for officials to represent them in the government who would make decisions about policies, laws, and actions on their behalf.

What is a jury?

A jury is a group of individuals who are not directly involved in the case trying to be decided, but rather community members called by the litigants themselves.

What does it mean for juries to make decisions about trials?

Jurors would vote on whether or not there should be punishment or acquittal. This included both criminal and civil cases.

Why are juries used by Athenians?

Juries were seen as a more democratic way of making decisions rather than having official state-appointed individuals judge the trials.

They believed that average citizens would have better knowledge of what is morally right or wrong, so, therefore, should have more say in the decision being made.

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