Mark Towle Net Worth, Wife, Age Facts (Update 2022)

Mark Towle Net Worth, Wife, Age Facts (Update 2022)

Mark Towle is a car designer and mechanic of Gotham garage. He became famous for his TV show Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

We have all the details on his career, earnings, assets, and more! You can also learn more about his personal life with our comprehensive biography. It will give you a better understanding of who he is as a person!

You can find information about Mark Towle’s net worth, wife, and age here.

Who is Mark Towle?

Mark Towle is a television personality, mechanic, and entrepreneur. He’s also the proprietor of Gotham Garage, a company geared towards restoring classic cars to their former glory. With the wealth he has acquired over the year, Mark can buy used or barely functioning classic cars and then restore them into something new and sell them at an impressive profit. One of the cars they restored retails for about $70,000.

Mark Towle was born in 1962 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. as one of four children to his parents who were both working-class laborers with little formal education His father worked as a truck driver while his mother worked as a waitress at restaurants where she could find work so that she could provide for her children on her own.

Mark was born with a passion for cars and mechanics because of the influence from his father who had renovated several old cars for fun, but he never pursued it as a career. Towle’s interest in restoring cars was not encouraged by his parents who didn’t have the means to support him financially while he pursued this dream.

However, Towle’s mother did show her support later on in his career after he became successful with Gotham Garage. Mark Towle grew up in a modest household that lacked financial stability. His family was not poor but they didn’t have any money to spare for education, vacations, or toys which meant Towle had to improvise when creating his own collection of objects he liked.

With his friends, he would go around finding broken-down toys that they could salvage and bring back to life by repairing them. He also made some of his own which often came from discarded objects found in trash cans or dumpsters.

This exposed him to the world of mechanics at a very young age which later became his career path because he realized that he wanted to work with machinery and cars.

Mark Towle Early Career

Mark Towle’s got his start in business when he began restoring his own cars for fun and selling them locally. He quickly realized that he could be making a proper job out of repairing old classic cars by opening up a shop that focused on restoration projects including VW vans, VW beetles, old European sports cars, and motorcycles.

He also started customizing the engines and adding new specs wherever he could. At the time, Towles’ business was just a hobby workshop located in his garage where he would repair and restore cars for friends and family, but it slowly grew to become a full-time business enterprise because of the attention it started to receive from wealthy clients who were looking for specialty services.

In the early 2000s, Towle opened up a full-fledged restoration shop called Gotham Garage which he rented from an old boatyard in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.

The business thrived and grew to receive a lot of attention because of his unprecedented business model where he would take on projects that no other mechanic would have been able to restore or customize. This became a success because he appealed to very wealthy clients who wanted something unique out of their restoration project.

The company was able to expand greatly over the years after becoming successful in restoring classic cars which suffered from rust damage, bad engines, and other problems that made them almost impossible for mechanics to fix.

Mark Towle Life in the World of Reality-TV

With a successful career as the prop guy for TV series, Mark finally got his own show. Entitled Car Masters: Rust to Riches (a Netflix original) show features him and all of the other prop guys from Gotham Garage working together in this new Netflix adventure that’s sure to keep you on your toes!

The show features Mark’s custom cars and is streamed on his website. He showcases some of the most expensive, functional art in this collection from around the world to give viewers an inside look at what it takes to make their dream car come true!

SeasonEpisodesOriginally released
18September 14, 2018
28March 27, 2020
38August 4, 2021

Mark Towle Net Worth 2022

Mark Towle is a true craftsman, and he has built his reputation as such. He is an expert in the field of car restoration and has amassed a net worth of around $1.5 million. To prove it, besides owning his own garage, Towle also runs a website that offers restoration services for cars too.

Additionally, he customizes motorcycles by adding new specs wherever possible. His work can be seen on Netflix where he earns $20,000 per episode based on the show’s popularity. Presently, Towle owns several automobiles and even a helicopter available for purchase through his platform!

With the wealth he has acquired over time, Towle can buy used cars which are often barely functioning classics. He then restores them into something completely new before selling them at impressive profits. One of the cars they restored retails for $70,000 in its current condition!

In 2022 Mark Towle’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million

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Mark Towle Wife

Mark Towle is an elusive figure who has never revealed much about himself, but he’s currently dating a woman named Kandace Nilos.

They’ve never talked publicly about their relationship and they’re keeping it that way for now- no news on kids or pregnancy yet!

Mark has no hesitations when it comes to his relationship; he said on a radio show, “I’m very happy with Kandace. I have found my soul-mate.”Mark’s been in several relationships but nothing that ended up lasting forever.

Despite the fact that there are no reports on the pair’s marital status, and Mark not giving any relationship news on social media or otherwise, we can infer they are still dating as of now.

We would like to wish the brilliant mechanic, who has just started on a road to greater achievement, the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Mark Towle Batmobile Replica

In today’s society, pop culture nostalgia can be a great thing. Sometimes it can backfire quite spectacularly though. This fantastic Batmobile replica may be one of the greatest vehicles Gotham Garage has ever created, but it came at a high price. Unfortunately, the Warner Brothers didn’t think this was a wonderful tribute.

Because he named his firm the Gotham Garage, it’s possible that Mark Towle is a comic book enthusiast. Adam West’s Batmobile has been copied or inspired by Mark Towle. He was sued by Warner Bros. and DC for copyright infringement claims over his batmobile replicas.

DC Comics won their case against Gotham Garage. However, given all of the passion and care that went into the vehicle, it is a shame.

Towle claimed that his works were “derivative”, but the case was won by Warner Bros. and, more particularly, DC. We don’t know how much Towle paid as a result of losing the lawsuit.

The Five Sickest Cars Built By Mark Towle & Gotham Garage Crew

Surrounded by cars that have been wreaking havoc on the streets, it’s no wonder there are a lot of people looking for ways to make them safe. Car Masters: Rust To Riches is just such an opportunity as you’ll see in this show from Netflix!

The show revolves around Mark Towle and his crew at Gotham Garage with their mission being restoring these classic vehicles into something worth driving – not only making bank off its increased value but also providing some entertainment along the way too (and we all know how much actors love those!).

We’ve compiled a list of five cars that we think Really Epic!

1. 1933 Ford Vicky

The Ford Vicky is a car that any Hot Rod builder would drool over. They’re expensive and rare, but the Gotham Garage crew lucked out when they found this replica. The Hot Rod Hall of Fame’s spectacular green 1930s rocket was a perfect replica, and Gotham Garage’s Hot Rod building credentials shone with this magnificent verdant vintage automobile.

2. Woody Station Wagon

The Gotham Garage crew turned this 1940’s station wagon into a stunningly awesome Woody hot rod. The purple paint job combined with the innovative design and absolutely mahoosive engine easily made it one of our favorite cars.

3. Speed Racer Mach 5 Replica

Speed Racer Mach 5 Replica by Gotham Garage

Speed Racer’s amazing retro-futuristic ride is instantly recognizable to fans of classic cartoons. This is the ultimate potential for customization of the C4 Corvette, which enthusiasts of modifying Corvettes will recognize.

With a unique body that cuts 1000 lbs off the donor vehicle while maintaining the V8 power and stunning looks, this is as awesome as a custom Corvette can get, especially for us vintage cartoons fans.

4. Ford Thunderbird Vintage T-Birds

With the right custom work, Vintage T-Birds are able to be elevated even further. This build is a great example of that with sleek and unique fairings inspired by rockets or fighter jets which give it an edge in today’s world where everything has been done before sometimes many times over again!

The Blue Streak is a beastly vehicle that scorches over the asphalt with every pedal stroke. The coupe’s powerful engine, combined with its aggressive looks, makes it an exciting machine to drive.

With a Small Block Ford 302 V8 under the hood, performance is certainly no slouch. And that’s not even taking into account the beautifully crafted body panels that give this Olds its unique and formidable appearance.

5. Ford T-Bucket Fire Truck

Ford T-Bucket Fire Truck by Mark Towle

T-Buckets are already amazing. The first major, mass-produced automobile to become a hot rod is far from being the world’s most unique vehicle. It adds a truly custom C-cab (notice the cabin’s form).

Fire trucks are just the beginning. This vehicle is a work of art that is both practical and stylish. The Vehicle’s design, which was inspired by fire engines, is simply outstanding. It’s on a whole new level of cool to be inspired by fire trucks!

Walking down the street in this machine is about as Cool as it gets for any regular guy. It’s an attention grabber on the street, yet it retains a subtlety that is missing from other types of Hot Rods (such as rat rods).

Facts About Gotham Garage’s Mark Towle

Mark Towle Worked As A Prop Technician

His first job was that of a prop technician for TV, where he was able to express his creativity and technical expertise by building original machines and props. After a couple of years, he knew it was time to move on and work on something “real” like cars. So, he started saving money and eventually established the famed Gotham Garage.

Mark Towle was a prop technician for TV, and he used his creativity to build original machines. After years of working on set pieces that aren’t really really like in movies or commercials (but could be!), Mark knew it was time to move on to something more “real”– cars!

So one day while saving up all these cash points from hanging around with rich people who don’t have credit cards… guess what? He opened up Gotham Garage where anyone can come by anytime they need auto care services.

Mark Towle’s Tattos

Towle’s tattoos may have looked odd to some viewers: only his right arm is tattooed. Towle, unfortunately, never revealed why he has only one tattoo on his right arm.

The spiderweb tattoo on his elbow, which has several meanings – one of which is “freedom” and is frequently seen on people who have spent time in prison.

Mark Towle always wearing his headband.

Towle is rarely seen without his headband, and you probably didn’t notice how he was wearing it in the first place. So much so that this item has become a part of his image. According to sources familiar with Towle’s personal life, he may be using his headband to conceal his receding hairline.

Furthermore, the band acts as a piece of protective equipment against flying debris in the workshop. We think it looks fantastic.

However, we should also mention that Mark’s image is of a hard-core bike lover who has seen it all. One of the most distinctive aspects of individuals like him is their affinity for headbands.


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