What does MoM mean in POE [Path of Exile]?

What does MoM mean in POE

What does MoM mean in POE?

MoM stands for “Mind over Matter“. This is a keystone passive skill that increases the amount of mana that you have available. When you have no mana left, your life is used to cast spells instead. This is a great way to stay alive if you have enough mana regeneration.

Why should I choose MoM?

For several reasons, Using Mind Over Matter lets you use Arctic Armour, which slows enemies down and makes them less dangerous while giving you more time to cast your spells!

You can use Mind Over Matter to make your life last longer when you are out of mana, which is great for tough fights! If you have a lot of mana regeneration, then using Mind Over Matter can make you very powerful!

In conclusion, Mind over Matter is an excellent keystone passive skill that can help you stay alive while casting spells. It’s a great choice to use with Arctic Armour and has its very own unique sound effect!

Does MoM work with “Cast when damage taken”?

Yes, but only the triggered spells! Immortal Call and Artic Armour do not profit from MoM at all because they are not cast by using mana. This also means that “increased Area of Effect” does not increase the range of either Immortal Call or Artic Armour because neither spell is an aura.

How much mana do you need for MoM?

Minimum Mana for MoM is at least 10%. This means that the skill has to reserve at least 10% mana to function.

Explanation :

The Mind over Matter (MoM) keystone passive skill says “Any mana regeneration you get also applies to your maximum mana pool“.

This means that if you have 1% of mana regeneration, this regenerated mana will be added to the flat amount of mana on gear.

So if an item has 20 flat mana, and you have 1% mana regeneration, then that 20 flat mana will become 21. This is a very small amount of mana regeneration, but it is still something.

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MoM Keystone

Keystone: Eldritch Battery Pre-nerf EB

The keystones that we can use to meet most of these conditions are: * Eldritch Battery Pre-nerf EB This keystone meets all the minimum requirements for a good MoM. It reserves 25% mana and it has a low requirement, but it doesn’t allow any other builds to benefit from the regen.

This keystone is not very good because it doesn’t have a low level requirement and it requires you to take a lot of mana-related passive points.

Keystone: The New Mana Flows

This keystone meets all the requirements for a good MoM. It reserves 10% mana and does not require any other passive points to convert, making it very versatile. It also works well with a variety of spell types.

The downside is that it has a high-level requirement, so not everyone can use it.

Mind Over Matter Video

PoE Endless Delve – Armageddon Brand MoM Build (Update Dec 2021)

Want to play the newest Event mode “Endless delve” but don’t know what kind of class would suit your playing style best for this without any preplanned ideas yet

Why not try a new type of character in Path of Exile’s latest event, Endless Delve? I’m sure you’ll be impressed with this Hierophant build that deals huge damage while taking little. It costs nothing to maintain its high-endurance points through using mind over matter skills and using only one skill called Armageddon Brand!

Mind Over Matter theory (No Legacy Items)

Cheap build which can reach 75-85% Mind Over Matter

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