Will most people steal if conditions are right?

Will most people steal if conditions are right

Will most people steal if conditions are right?



C)I am not sure

D)Probably not

E)Definitely not

Answer: A


Will most people steal if conditions are right?

Most likely yes. The following article from Psychology Today provides evidence for this:

In a 2011 Canadian study

Researchers asked participants if they agreed or disagreed with the statement “I would take advantage of someone’s mishap to steal something if I knew I could get away with it.”

Seventy-one percent of the respondents said they did agree while 9% said they were undecided and 20% disagreed. When asked about their actual past experience, 8% admitted that had taken advantage of a mishap to steal something while 92% reported that they had not done so—9% were undecided.

When Psychologists asked over 18,000 people from 54 different countries the question “Would you consider stealing money from a friend?” 94% of people said no.

However, when the question was phrased as “Would you consider stealing money from a stranger?” that number went down to 88%.

So what does this mean? Psychologists believe that it is easier for people to steal from friends because they feel like they can get away with it and that there will be no consequences.

But when it comes to strangers, people are more likely to think about the consequences of their actions and are less likely to steal.

While the numbers vary depending on the country, it is clear that most people are willing to steal if given the opportunity.

This can be due to a number of factors such as poverty or desperation, but regardless of the reasons, it is clear that many people are willing to take advantage of others.

In a 2013 study, researchers from Harvard University and UC Berkley

They found that those who feel powerless are more likely to steal because they see themselves as less valuable than other people.

They also found that those who experience feelings of not being treated fairly or feeling a lack of control are more likely to commit a crime. This is because stealing makes people feel in power and that they can be successful in life if they work hard enough.

There are many reasons why people steal, but one thing remains the same: most people seem to justify their actions when it comes to stealing. In this situation, there is always a gray area that people can use to justify their behavior.

This is also true in politics when it comes to poverty or war. Society seems to always look for the cause of crime outside rather than within ourselves.

The reason why may come down to our own survival instinct and desire for comfort, which is both primary human characteristics that make us question what is going on within our society.

So, what can be done to prevent people from stealing?

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Another Opinion

Will most people steal if conditions are right?

Answer: NO! Actually, most people won’t steal under any circumstances.

People are natural-born honest and moral beings who trust intrinsically that their fellow human beings are honest and good.

And because of this innate trusting nature, most people believe no one else will take something that doesn’t belong to them or give it away without authority (e.g., an employer.)

For example, in one retail store I visited, the manager mentioned that he had to take security measures for his merchandise because most people would not steal even if given the opportunity.

In a study done by the University of Cambridge

it was found that when people are placed in certain situations where they could steal without getting caught, most people do not take advantage of the opportunity.

The study placed participants in a room with different items such as a pen, pencil, eraser, and paper clip. The participants were told that they could keep the objects if they wanted.

Most of the time, participants left the room with no object or one that belonged to them; however, some participants would take an item even though it did not belong to them.

This proves that the majority of people will not steal under any circumstances, but there are certain conditions that can lead a person to steal.

For example, if someone is in need of money and sees an opportunity to take something without getting caught, they may be more likely to steal. In this case, the person’s need would be a motivating factor for stealing.

So, will most people steal if conditions are right?

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