Which of the following is NOT a type of SD card?

Which of the following is NOT a type of SD card

A. Nano

B. Micro

C. Mini

D. Macro

E. Standard

Which of the following is NOT a type of SD card?

D. Macro

Detailed Answer for Which of the following is NOT a type of SD card?

A macro is a photographic technique that produces images through the use of extreme close-up (macro) shots. Macro photography requires a specialized digital camera lens to take pictures, and it can be used to take gigapixel images.

The technique of using macro was first used by French photographer Felix Vieuchange in 1933 to take unique images of human figures. These photos were made with a view camera, which would have meant that the subject would be placed very far away from the lens at an angle. His subjects included circus artists, musicians, and ballerinas. View change would then cut out the figures and glue them onto black cards.

This technique was also used by photographer Georges Rousse in his work Nuit Blanche (1983-1997). Georges formed his body of work using this method, one that involved cutting people out of photos he had taken with a view camera to make human sculptures.

Macro cards are used today in the imagery of circus performers by, for example, David Larible.

What is Macro Photography?

A macro photo is a photograph that has been taken up close. The term macro photography can describe either photos or videos shot using special equipment, especially with regards to the equipment; or photos of small items which have been magnified, as with a microscope.

Macro images often appear as if they were some part of the real world. Macro photography is used to take close-up pictures and reproduce subjects such as insects, plants, etc. Macro Photography is very popular among people that like flowers; these photos are often shared on the internet.

This type of photography is amazing especially if you are trying to take pictures of dangerous animals. Macro photography hones the photographer’s skills, as it requires great care and patience to shoot a perfect picture without scaring away or harming your subject. You need to move very slowly when taking pictures of insects because they are very sensitive to sudden movements.

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