Assertive people have all of the following attributes EXCEPT ?

Assertive people have all of the following attributes EXCEPT

Assertive people have all of the following attributes EXCEPT?

A. self-respect B. respect for others C. high self-esteem D. superior attitude
The correct answer is D. superior attitude

Characteristics of an Assertive Person

Some of the common assertive people attributes are:

– They can speak for themselves.

– They tell the truth and will not mislead you.

– Assertive people don’t let themselves be controlled by their emotions. They get mad, but they don’t stew in it.

– They’re able to accept constructive criticism and will do something about it. This is because they’re focused on what needs to be done rather than who’s telling them what to do or making suggestions that may or may not work.

– Assertions people take responsibility for their faults so they can improve.

– They don’t need to be the center of attention in every situation.

– They’re not afraid to take calculated risks.

– They know how to set boundaries with others.

– They’re able to delay gratification and work towards long-term goals.

– Lastly, they have a positive outlook on life

What is a superior attitude?

A superior attitude is an attitude that indicates that one is more intelligent or better than others. This attitude is often characterized by a feeling of superiority, arrogance, and entitlement.

People with a superior attitude may act in a condescending or dismissive manner towards others, and often feel that they are above the rules and norms that govern normal society.

People with a superior attitude can be very harmful to those around them. They may make others feel insecure or belittled, and they can make it difficult for others to communicate effectively.

In some cases, people with a superior attitude may be diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder.

In film and literature, characters with a superior attitude are often the villain of the story. A common trope is that of a rich business person who is looked up to by the community, but in reality, cares only for himself and his own interests.

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